Shipping containers – ISO standardized transport containers with CSC plaque!


20′ High Cube Shipping Container, Good as New

L:6,058 • W:2,438 • H:2,896 mm
Volume: 33 m³ / 1,165 ft³

  • Robust all steel construction

    Rugged, all-steel welded construction with cast steel ISO corners and forklift pockets.

  • Certified ISO Container

    20′ High Cube Shipping Container, ISO standardized 6m transport containers with valid CSC plaque and 2.9 meters height.

  • Versatile use

    Containers are suitable for storage (eg on construction sites for tools, machines, materials, etc.) and transport.

CHV 20ft HCGN – 20′ High Cube Shipping Container Good as New

Exterior L/W/H: 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,896 mm
Interior L/W/H: 5,900 x 2,346 x 2.690
Steel Double Wing Doors W/H: 2,286 x 2,566 mm
TARA: 2,370 kg
Payload: 30,480 kg
Volume: 33m³, stack up to 6-high

• 20′ High Cube Shipping Container 6m with wooden floor
• Robust all steel construction, manufactured according to ISO standards and CSC regulations.
• Front and side wall panels made of corrugated sheet steel, side ventilation.
• Double wing door with locking bars and customs seal with valid CSC – plaque
• Flooring: Wooden floor on steel cross beams
• Painting Color: RAL 5010

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