Purchasing Containers from CHV

If you are looking to buy containers then we are the right partner for you. Whether you are looking for new or second-hand containers we offer individually customized containers for all kinds of applications. If you are looking for modular building solutions, then containers are the perfect option for you. The well thought-out and ingenious design of our container systems offers almost unlimited application possibilities. Building units can be assembled at any time and connected with each other easily.

High Quality Containers at Minimal Costs

We offer you high quality products at fair prices. Our containers are extremely well insulated and offer great climate control in both cold and hot weather conditions. Over 50,000 sold containers are testimony to the success of container solutions from CHV.

If you need permanent modular building solutions, the purchase of a container will definitely pay off for you in the long run. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the many possible uses and available accessories. Give us a call or send us an inquiry!

Leasing or Rent to Own Solutions

We offer fast and professional handling of leasing or rent to buy financing. With leasing, fixed installments enable
simple internal calculations. Leasing installments are fully tax-deductible and the monthly payments can be made from your cash flow.

With rent to own financing, you combine the advantages of leasing financing with the ownership security of a purchase. Once the last installment has been paid, the container becomes your property. Once the contract has been concluded, the property is capitalized in your balance sheet and depreciated over its normal useful life.

Individual financing models make it easy to find the solution that is just right for you.

CHV : The first address when buying containers.

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