Office & Residential Containers by CHV

All our office containers are ISO standards compliant. They have a robust steel frame construction with modular wall, window and door elements. CHV office containers are easy to assemble and can be joined together or stacked on top of each other to produce more complex modular buildings. CHV’s flexible wall paneling system makes our containers easy to customize reducing costs and time required to complete your building projects. Wall panels can be removed or partition walls added to easily customize the size of rooms to your individual needs.

  • Mobile modular expandable

  • Customizable room sizes

  • Robust. all-steel frame construction

  • ISO certified

Buy, rent or lease office containers We will be happy to help you plan your next container project and provide you with a free quote!

  • Optimal thermal insulation

    Fully insulated and weatherproof

  • Electrical installation according to ÖVE

    400 V electrical wiring incl. heating & lighting

  • Fully customizable

    Configurable window, door & wall panels

Office and crew containers

Modular space solutions that are easy to deploy!
  • Configurable windows

    2 windows free configuration

  • Freely configurable window & door

    Configurable doors and windows

  • Freely configurable window & door

    Configurable doors and windows

Room modules and connecting containers

These additional container sizes are especially suitable for use as connection containers.


  • Ideal container hallway add-on

    The Ideal container module when adding a hallway to 4 office containers. Can also be used individually containers, can also be used individually.

  • Easy to configure room size

    Free window, door & wall panel configuration

  • Ready for immediate use

    Electric per-installed, immediately deploy-able and stack-able up to 3-high.

  • Quickly expandable

    Quick & cost-effective expansion thanks to modular design & flexible paneling system.

Standard features for CHV office containers

Our office, team and residential containers with sanitary facilities all comply with ISO standards. They are made with robust all-steel frame constructions and customizable wall, window and door elements. Individual containers are easy to assemble and can be joined together or stacked on each other to build more complex modular structures.


Office container steel frameRobust all-steel frame

Steel construction made of cold-formed welded 3mm steel profiles with ISO corner fittings.

Office container panel system

Flexible wall panel system

External wall paneling can be removed or partition walls can be installed.

Wall elements

Consisting of outer and inner walls insulated with mineral wool and white chipboard.

Office container doors

Exterior & Interior Doors

Single-leaf insulated aluminium door with aluminium frame, door leaf made of galvanized, coated steel sheet.

Insulated PVC windows

Plastic frame with insulating glazing and integrated PVC roller shutter with one-handed rotary/tiltfitting fitting, white lacquered.

Office container electrical installationElectrical

400V power supply line with CEE external sockets, recessed in the container frame. Sockets and junction box included.

Office container convector heatingHeating

Wall convection heater 2 kW thermostat-controlled, adjustable between 6 and 30 degrees.

Office container lighting


Lighting bar with cover tray and fluorescent tubes 36W including light switch.


Container bottom made of fully galvanized sheet metal insulated with mineral wool. Cement-bonded particle boards are used for flooring with PVC surface coating.

Office container painting jobPainting

Frames as well as floor, roof frames and walls outside are primed with alkyd resin and with a grey-white topcoat.

All-round insulation

The all-round insulation of the CHV office containers creates optimum heat conditions and ensures a high level of comfort.

Office container roof and ceiling

Roof & Ceiling

Roof plate is made of fully galvanized sheet steel, double seamed. The ceiling is made of insulated wall panels with white 10 mm chipboard.


CHV offers a wide range of equipment options that allow individual adaptation to the desired application.

Crew, accommodation and construction containers

The flexible and high-quality accommodation and crew containers offer space for everything and room for everyone. Crew containers are available empty or already furnished and are delivered with pre-installed electrical equipment including heating.



Furnished accommodation containers.

  • based on the CHV 300

    Serves as a basis for all construction containers

  • Electrical installation according to ÖVE

    400 V electrical wiring incl. heating & lighting

  • Individually Customized

    Free windows & door configuration

Office and crew containers

Modular space solutions that are easy to deploy!


Wide range of equipment and accessory options for every application.

Container based modular buildings – Tailored to your individual needs!

Container based modular buildings can be used for a wide range of applications. They can be used for office extensions, to create temporary facilities for schools, sales outlets, banks or even living quarters. Containers can be combined as needed to increase the usable area.



Tailored to your individual needs!

  • Modular building solutions

    Modular building solutions for quick deployment.

  • stackable up to 3 high

    Office containers can be stacked up to 3 high

  • Project financing

    Buy, rent or lease

  • All-round service package

    Consulting, transport, on-site assembly – On stop shop for your container needs!

ECOPACK by CHV the ingenious transportation solution!

The Ecopack transport solution, stacks four disassembled containers on top of each other to create a compact package that is cheaper to transport. Together the 4 stacked Ecopacks take up as much room as a single container, saving you substantial transportation costs.

Once on-site, the Ecopack units are assembled into individual containers. The roof is raised, corner supports are mounted, the roof is screwed on, wall elements are arranged and electrical systems installed.



Clever & Cost-effective transportation solution


CHV’s ingenious transportation solution saves freight costs on larger construction projects!

  • Reduced transportation costs

    Significantly reduction in transportation costs

  • 4:1 System

    Allows for transport of 8 instead of only two 20′ containers on a trailer.



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